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We strive to capture Perfect Imperfections. Our ultimate goal is return on investment & customer satisfaction. Our quality yields flawless cinematic solutions and unrivaled customer fulfillment while providing outstanding value and services to our clients.


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Hey there! Put your world on pause and join us for a moment. I'm Craig, the creative behind Black Swan Media Solutions. My story starts in Durham, North Carolina where I traded lecture halls for a thrilling journey behind the camera lens.

In college, I dove headfirst into Psychology and Pre-Med studies, leading me to the corridors of Duke University to explore the fascinating intricacies of the human mind. But behind the scenes, I nurtured a secret passion - a growing love affair with my camera. It was my silent partner, a tool that allowed me to share my world, my perspective, and express myself in ways that words just couldn't encapsulate.

During my time at Duke, my camera and I captured countless moments. The love and appreciation we received for my work was so profound, it was like a "black swan" - an unexpected event with significant impact, just like the theory suggests. It nudged me towards a life-altering decision. In 2010, I packed up my dreams and my trusty camera, and set off for a new adventure in Kansas.

Serendipity my friend! The Athletic Director at Eudora High School and Black Swan Media Solutions collaborated. Suddenly, we were capturing the raw energy and the spirit of their sports teams through the lens. The knowledge I gained from studying the human mind proved invaluable, allowing us to tell compelling stories through our work.

And that's how Black Swan Media Solutions was born. Like the black swan theory, we thrive on the unexpected and the impactful. We use our deep understanding of human emotions and creativity to create videos and photos that not only stand out but resonate deeply with target audiences. Today, we're ready to bring that "black swan" magic to your business or personal projects. We don't just make videos and capture images, we craft stories that leave a lasting impression. So, whether it's a corporate video or capturing a personal milestone, we're the team that delivers the unexpected and memorable.