Crafting Visual Excellence: Black Swan Media Solutions

Discover the Story of Black Swan Media Solutions

Videographer Filming Violinist

Black Swan Media Solutions drives client success through tailored visual solutions, achieving remarkable results in corporate storytelling and marketing strategies.

Our dedication to excellence ensures client satisfaction and business growth through our specialized expertise in visual content creation.

Our Journey

Established in the KC area, Black Swan Media Solutions has evolved into a renowned video/film production company known for precision and creativity.


With years of experience, Black Swan Media Solutions has perfected the art of visual storytelling, setting industry benchmarks and exceeding client expectations.

Happy Clients

Our diverse team of professionals ensures innovative and high-quality content production, solidifying our position as leaders in the visual media industry.


Driven by creativity and expertise, our skilled team delivers impactful visual content that resonates with audiences, driving client success and engagement.

Meet Our Team

Talented professionals dedicated to crafting compelling visual narratives.

Team Member

Sito C

Manager & Photographer

Team Member

Franklin Anthony

Editor & Filmer

Team Member

Benjamin Michael

Editor & Photographer

Team Member

Ethan Patrick

Filmer & Editor

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